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Trick | SOLO SHOW | Espacio Valverde. 2019


In her last solo exhibition at Espacio Valverde Truco the artists made a meticulous collection of carved plaster works and a floor sculpture made of plaster, tiles, olive wood and cork (Maqueta). 

This exhibition develops the ideas of the artwork Antojo. The ornamental detail and the drawing of a soft curve is repeated in the variety of objects and the gallery space.

As Julia Morandeira wrote:

“The artworks evoke a sensory experience that ranges from the velvety touch of ash, the moist density of plaster, to the fragrance of different woods like amaranth, walnut or olive. All of them endow the space with a textural quality, at times like a soft and porous skin, at times shiny and oily. But this calm atmosphere given by the balance between forms and composition is shaken by affective currents that cross the artworks, devoid of a clear reading. And it is precisely there, among the material affective bubbling, the sensuality of the forms, and the interpretive promiscuity, where the excitement of this project rises: Illusionism, ruse, magic, trick. “

> Full PRESS RELEASE by Julia Morandeira [ESP]

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