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Elena Alonso (Madrid, 1981) practice is connected to the disciplines of technical drawing and the grammars of architecture, design and crafts. Alonso approaches drawing as a process of thought, producing a new kind of abstraction that is ambiguous, overwhelming and, at the same time, extremely precise. 

This procedure is present in her drawings, sculptures, installations and site specific projects showing a body of work that manages to renew itself constantly while maintaining a deep internal coherence. 

The cleanliness and meticulousness of her works contrast with the manual and artisan quality of its processes and textures, making the works acquire an unexpected warmth and a richness of emotional and haptic qualities when looked up closely. 

The tension and balance between opposites; familiarity and strangeness, structural and ornamental, functional and playful, and the frequent allusions to the body, bring up issues related to our affectivity with our environment and our unconscious relationship with visual codes of representation.

Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Fabian Lang Gallery (Zurich), Abierto x Obras (Matadero Madrid), Depósito de Agua-Centro de Arte la Panera (Lérida), ABC drawing Museum (Madrid), Espacio Valverde Gallery (Madrid) and Sala de Arte Joven of the Madrid Community. She is actually working on a long term intervention for CA2M Museum in Madrid. Her work has also been featured in other Art Institutions as La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Caixa Forum Barcelona, Centro Cultural Conde Duque (Madrid) o Centro Cultural de España in Méjico (Méjico DF) and many national and international Art Fairs.

She has been awarded several distinctions and grants as the Culture award of the Madrid Community for Visual Art 2018, ARCO awards of the Madrid Community 2018, Generaciones 2013 awarded by La Casa Encendida, 23rd Circuitos de Artes Plásticas 2012, she also received a Contemporary Creation Grant from Matadero Madrid 2011.

She currently lives and works in Madrid.

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