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Whim | SITE SPECIFIC | Querer parecer noche. CA2M. 2018


Antojo is a site specific intervention produced by the CA2M Museum for the exhibition Querer parecer noche, where we could find works from a selected group of relevant artists from Madrid’s last decade art scene in dialogue with artworks from the collection of Madrid Community. 

Considering the temporality of the exhibition, the artist wanted to approach the proposal by also reviewing the last ten years of her own work. The result was this installation in the shape of a semicircular arch, located as a passage between two of the exhibition rooms. Antojo is made of plaster and sand, using different molds for de base sequence, it was completed with a measured variety of reliefs and wood incrustation. The evolution of references, media and techniques, gave rise to this delirious mixture of forms and genres, balancing the styles of the Spanish Romanesque and the Viennese Secessionists, and working with sculpture as an architectural piece or a corporal volume, sensual, designed and technological at the same time.

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