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El espacio alrededor

The space in between | SOLO SHOW | Museo ABC. 2015


El espacio alrededor was a solo exhibition at the ABC Museum of Drawing, where the artist was invited to produce a new project around two works from the collection of the Museum and the Banco Santander Foundation.

Based on an engraving by Giovanni Battista Piranesi Parere sull’Architettura (1765) and an 1993 illustration from José Luis López Sánchez’s ABC newspaper, the artist carried out an extensive project, with large-format drawings, sculpture, design and installation.

In the words of its curator, Óscar Alonso Molina: “The exhibition shows a sort of mechanism of fitting between heterogeneous pieces, fragments and almost figurative elements, which on the representation plane come together little by little, until giving place to its characteristic images, so attractive, of impeccable cleanliness and enigmatic meaning. The work unfolds along the walls of the room, as architectural decorative elements, enveloping the viewer very discreetly in a world of rhythms and variations where, once again, the gap between the significant elements takes on the final role “

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