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Visita guiada. Tercer movimiento

SERIE | Since 2018


Visita guiada. Tercer movimiento (Guided tour. Third movement) is a reformulation of the initial intervention produced for Matadero Madrid as a site specific. 

After the closure of the exhibition, the 155 meters of handrail were divided in shorter sections, regarding the possibility of an adaptation to other spaces or even preserve them as independent pieces. 

This sections have a enigmatic and delicate presence. In a way, they are something like a contemporary archeology, a memory of what happened during the intervention. The handrail is preserved with the polish and traces made by the hands of thousands of visitors passing over it, after six months of an exhibition open to the public.

The Second movement consisted in an adaptation to another emblematic and overwhelming space, the XVIII century Water Deposit in Lérida organized by La Panera Museum. It was a sectioned composition lightly touring the space in another rhythm. The Third movement is an adaptation for a more neutral type of space like a gallery or a Museum, highlighting also the visual character of the piece and it´s autonomy by a simple design of an iron structure to sustain it. Possible compositions are multiple, with shorter or longer sections and different sequences of materials as concrete, carved wood, painted plaster or copper.

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